September 22, 2023

Transforming Dental Care in Eastleigh

Learn more about our design for {my}dentist's Eastleigh site relocation, where we provided state of the art dental facilities

C+A Design recently worked for {my}dentist on a multi-million pound project, which involved relocating and merging two dental practices in Eastleigh into a single facility (on Market Street) also in Eastleigh. Our goal for this relocation project was to create a space that's functional, efficient, and comfortable for patients. We oversaw the layout of the surgeries and ensured that the facility could accommodate the latest dental technology.

Over 16 weeks on-site, our team collaborated with a construction company to convert a high street shop into a 10-surgery dental practice, with plans for expansion to 13 surgeries in the future. The result is a modern dental practice that offers a welcoming and calming environment to patients. The surgeries are equipped to facilitate top-quality care.

As architectural designers, we're proud of the impact our work has on healthcare. The {my}dentist Eastleigh project represents our commitment to empowering healthcare professionals. We're currently working on another project in Hampton, Peterborough, merging two existing dental practices into a custom-built unit.

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