At C+A Design we provide a range of services, tailored to meet your needs. We often act as the lead consultant on projects and can advise you on what is needed to help you realise your dreams, or provide solutions to your problems. If you would like to discuss how we can help with your project, please contact us.

Typical Project Stages
The first stage in any project is a feasibility study. C+A Design are vastly experienced in providing these at high quality and of varying scales and complexity. We work closely with you to understand your needs and are able to evaluate a site’s constraints and opportunities to bring out its fullest potential.

Dependant on requirements, we offer services which include site layout drawings, reports, site visitations and estimation of costs. Sketches of designs are prepared to aid in the assessment of a project’s viability and, where appropriate, 3D images and renders can help you appreciate the possibilities. Feasibility studies can prove useful if you wish to know whether it is in your benefit to buy, sell or redevelop a site. Considered and realistic feasibility work also allows for an appraisal of planning issues, potentially leading to early-stage discussions with planning authorities.
Top down render of a business complex
During the Planning stage, C+A Design works to develop the design of your project, generally based on the outcome of the feasibility study. Although not every project requires planning permission (this depends on the size of the development), most projects require a planning application to be submitted to the local council.

Our team co-ordinates with engineers and other consultants, to ensure confidence in a well-supported planning application. We are highly skilled in preparing drawings, compiling supporting statements and refining designs to meet the requirements of local planning policies, without comprising your needs. We are also able to calculate a cost estimate for the construction phase if required. Once an application has been submitted, and if necessary, we are able to work with the council to negotiate any changes that may be needed to the scheme.
Render of a large house
Technical Design
During the technical design and costing phase, C+A Design produce more detailed drawings and a written specification outlining how the building will be constructed and from which materials. This ensures compliance with building regulations and other applicable regulations. This stage is often undertaken alongside other consultants, with aspects such as energy efficiency considered in more depth, to ensure sustainable and affordable solutions.

Typically, this would be the time when you appoint a contractor. This can be done in a number of ways, including competitive tenders or negotiation of a price with a known contractor. At C+A Design, we are well versed in introducing clients to contractors and acting as intermediary, as well as administrating competitive tenders. This relationship is essential to ensure fair cost negotiations.
Electrical planning diagram
Essentially, construction is the building stage of a project and requires our close collaboration with contractors. C+A Design act as intermediary between you and the contractor and/or builders, which is key to ensuring the smooth and successful completion of a project. This involves answering design queries, dealing with unexpected challenges as they arise, keeping you regularly updated, chairing progress meetings and making site inspections. We can also act as Contract Administrator, helping to control costs, ensuring quality on site and dealing with any delays or changes.

Once a project is complete, we create and hand-over a health and safety file, providing a thorough record of works done to aid with any future maintenance that may be required.
Top down view of a construction site
On-going Support
We are committed to ensuring you are satisfied at every stage of your project, even after it has been completed. We provide on-going support as required, and are happy to revisit sites to check for defects and ensure these have been made good. Advice on maintenance, both written and verbal, is available after project completion and we can support you through any future changes that may be required, such as extensions or layout changes to suit changing needs.
Interior of a modern living room
A range of services, tailored to meet your needs.
Render of a petrol station

Building Information Modelling (BIM) software enables the construction of digital 3D models. We use it to incorporate design information into a project design, improving co-ordination and accuracy, and allowing more informed decisions to be taken earlier in the design process.

Contract Administration

As architectural designers, we are naturally placed to undertake this function, which involves the management of the building contract between you and contractor during the construction phase. This service is essential to the success of a project, management of costs and key to avoiding disputes.


We offer hard and soft landscape design services, integrating the architectural design with the environment as a whole. Our speciality lies in low-maintenance schemes, including a full planting schedule and notes, which particularly suits the retail sector.

Exterior of a large house
Heritage Work

We regularly work within conservation areas and on grade II listed buildings, as well as in national parks. These schemes require a sensitive touch that respects the heritage and setting of the site.

Work in progress roof
Principal Designer

The Principal Designer role is a legal requirement on many projects which includes providing advice and assistance in planning, managing, monitoring, and coordinating health and safety during the pre-construction phase of a project. We have vast experience in this role, and regularly undertake it across all sectors.

Digger at construction site
Environmental Factors

Environmental factors such as energy use, carbon emissions and biodiversity are all considered in the work we do. We have a particular area of expertise in the protection of groundwater in relation to fuel facilities.

Exterior of Asda petrol station
Asset Management Renewal

We can help support you in the long-term management of your estate by co-ordinating and managing work such as major refurbishments and shop refreshes. Works can also be reactive, responding to incidents such as fires or collision damage.

Group of construction workers
Project Management

Our management services ensure that projects run smoothly. We achieve this through controlling risks and cost, and making sure all parties involved in a project are appropriately informed, so all involved are working towards the same goal.

CAD Planning diagram
Planning Consultancy

We can advise you on how to maximise your chances of gaining planning permission and then co-ordinate and submit strong planning applications. Many of our projects include an aspect of this service, while for some projects this service is the majority of the work.