March 8, 2023

Period policy and International Women's Day

Period policy and international womens day

We are excited to celebrate the women that work for C+A Design Ltd on International Women's Day! We are grateful to have such dedicated, talented and inspirational women work with us.

We are delighted this coincides with the launch of our period policy. Our period policy includes:

🩸 Raising awareness about periods amongst all staff

🩸 Designated management staff to speak to

🩸 Support and flexibility to change working days and locations to work around periods

🩸 Encouraging staff to take time off when work is impacted

🩸 Empowering staff to reschedule work meetings or site visits so they can respond to the best of their ability

🩸 Free period products, including tampons and pads

Thank you to all the women in the office for the hard work they have put into this policy.

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