January 4, 2022

Our Company Values

Introducing our values which are central to all we do at C+A Design.

At C+A Design, our values have always been central to how we do business and operate as an organisation. With an expanding work/client base and growing team, we felt this was an appropriate time to put these into writing. At the core of C+A Design are three main values: the creation and maintenance of atmosphere, a commitment to growth and the reputation of our company. These shape the way we interact as a team and amongst our employees, and fuel us to achieve the best we can. Our values can be seen below and on our About page.


Know and value our clients, employers and employees.

Encourage a happy workplace, supporting the well-being of each other.

Recognise, appreciate, and reward hard work.

Champion a flexible working approach.

Maintain an open and welcoming environment, in which everyone feels able to contribute and express themselves.


Enhance our workflow through the use and investment in the latest technologies.

Collaborate with our clients to enhance and grow their business as desired.

Aim to improve environmental performance and impact, incorporating these factors into decisions.

Nurture and develop the careers of our employees and create new career opportunities.

Maintain sustained growth within the limits and means of the organisation.


Ensure that all we produce is consistently of a high standard.

Work closely with clients, ensuring we fully understand their needs and aspirations.

Set realistic deadlines and commit to meeting them.

Communicate clearly and honestly amongst our staff and clients.

Take ownership of our mistakes and learn and grow from them.

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