August 17, 2023

Look how much we generated for St Luke's in just one day!

We loved working alongside this wonderful charity and building relationships as a team.

C+A Design staff were happy to spend time last week supporting our charity of the year, St Luke’s, at their flagship store and donation centre in Crookes. Our staff split into two groups, and each spent a morning sorting through clothing donations, organising them by season, size and type.

St Luke’s has 16 charity shops across Sheffield, most of which are supplied from the donation centre we were at, so it was amazing to see ‘behind the scenes’ and get a sense of how many generous donations are received and the colossal effort that goes into sorting them all. Things are checked, categorised, labelled, clothes are steamed, and electronics are PAT tested. We saw everything from a Harry Potter train set to a rowing machine to designer clothing!

Finding out that each bag of clothing is worth approximately £88 in donations and a storage container full of bags held about £1,000 of stock was a huge incentive for a bit of friendly rivalry between the two groups. Overall, we managed to sort six storage containers which is just over £6,000 of stock!!

We loved spending this day helping this wonderful charity and building relationships as a team.

St Luke’s newest charity shop has just opened up on the Moor, so if you’re in the area pop in and support them! You might end up buying something we sorted!

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