Project Description

When Costco decided to bring their fuel offer to the UK they chose C+A Design to guide them through the intricacies of retail fuel facility design and licencing. We worked alongside specialist suppliers to develop a unique system that mixes the fuel with additives on site, so Costco can offer the UK market the same Premium grade fuel as they do in the US, despite there not being an established UK infrastructure. To enable the large fuelling station sites that Costco is known for, with up to 15 dispensers, a pressure system with sub-pumps was designed and installed. Our innovative tertiary fuel containment provides additional environmental protection in environmentally sensitive areas. This, coupled with detailed discussions with the Environment Agency, has allowed a number of sites to progress through the planning process, despite initial objections from the EA.

We provide Costco with a comprehensive service, from the evaluation of sites through to final sign off and advice on maintenance and general upkeep. This service includes specialist advice on health and safety and environmental matters, and C+A Design have now worked with Costco on all their fuel stations across the UK, as well as providing technical support for similar Costco developments in Europe.

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